12/12M - All of These Wonderful Flavors, and you Chose to be Salty

The Squid King fell to an eruption of genuine nerd joygasm (which can be consumed here) that can only be experienced when a group of fine people overcome challenge together.  The mixture of relief, joy, and french croissant can be bittersweet as we end the final chapter of BfA and begin our planning for Shadowlands.  Thank you to our amazing players, it has truly been a joy to complete this content with you.  And without further delay, here is the image of those who consumed Escargot avec du Sel.

Sauce moves to Mal'Ganis!


Server Move

Sauce has made the decision to transfer to a thriving server in an effort to bolster our player base.  While this decision was difficult to leave our initial home, we believe this will ultimately benefit our guild and allow us to re-obtain our goal of CE!  Stay tuned as we wrap up 8.2 and move into 8.3!


Called it last week!  Sauce takes down King Rastakhan after a few... uhhh, delays.  Back at it tomorrow and starting to put work into Mekkadork.

Jabber sucks.