We are full blown open on recruitment and hoping to bring some life back to Khadgar


We know that some people out there don't want to see us succeed.  Sauce BanterOur aim is to bring talent back to Khadgar.  We're also looking for all the help we can get.  So if you're an old player, new transfer, or perhaps a new player from another game who want to see what a more original themed Warcraft has to offer then please consider applying.

We have a great roster of mythic capable players and we know that many great players have stuck around   with friends in guilds that are not meeting their satisfaction.  Our merit based system will help you to   accomplish your goals.  Mythic quality players will find a place with those who can participate at the level you need, and better yet the guild promotion system is based on it.  This means that Your good friends can continue to raid and participate in the guild in many ways at the level in which they are interested in playing and you can be a part of more competitive aspects of the game. 

It doesn't matter what class or role you play.  Consider taking a leap of faith and talking with us about joining in on a great opportunity for both you and our guild.