Guild Policies


Sauce is divided into 6 functional ranks which guarantee members rights and responsibilities.  All ranks are attainable to all that join our guild, and every member can reach our top ranking position.  The requirements for rank upgrade is defined explicitly within this document, and all are in control of the member themselves except for the final rank which requires a majority vote by the top ranking individuals.  Each rank has focus that will lead members to accomplishing their goals within the rank. When a member has met the requirements of a rank upgrade they can request a promotion and if they are verified as having met the requirements then they will be promoted.  Members do not have to request rank promotion, and are free to remain at the ranks where they prefer. Raid invitation priority is based on rank and raid leader discretion.


Focus on proof of value and potential

Prospects of Sauce have heard the call to arms and have decided to respond by joining our proficient legion of the horde for glory and power.  Prospects that are active in game, exhibit high performance in content, and are available on teamspeak and on slack will have the best chance to pass a review after two weeks.

Access Rights
  • Guild chat
  • Slack
  • Account Approval on Website
  • Bank Access: None
  • Prove performance capabilities
  • Join in slack and teamspeak regularly
  • Engage socially - make us laugh
  • Prepare to justify us promoting you at the two week review
Rank Upgrade Requirements
  • Two weeks within within guild as prospect
  • Perfect attendance for 6 consecutive raid nights
  • Raider.IO M+ Score: 37.5%  (See summary table below)
  • Vote by current council.  If you have a reference within the guild they will be present for your review and will have a vested interest in helping you to achieve a rank upgrade here.


Focus on personal development and engaging other members.

Our primary resource in the fight against the tyranny of the alliance and demons alike.  The best of the best members will rise from this rank to become lords of this server’s raid content.

Gains Access to:
  • Member status on website
  • Bank Access:
    • Withdraw from “Deposit” and “Free for All” tabs.  
    • Deposit access to all.
  • Engage in all content that can improve personal output
  • Build relationships with existing members, participate in content, use comms.
  • Build Raider.IO score through mythic dungeons
  • Plan for meeting parsing requirements, some may require working with others, including raid leadership, to plan for your parse opportunity
Rank Upgrade Requirements
  • All epic parses on character sheet in Heroic
  • Raider.IO M+ Score: 41.6%  (See summary table below)
  • Donation of 4.5 weeks worth of raid materials


Focus on group mechanics, peer review, and accomplishing guild goals

These members are DTF (down to fight).  They have shown signs of high scoring quotients and the focus of an aut… automaton.  The capabilities of this group best shine when aligned against a common target.

Gains Access to:
  • Bank Access:
    • Withdraw from raid materials tabs
  • Guaranteed heroic invite
  • Qualified to join mythic raids
  • Can set guild notes
  • Can manage calendar events
  • Utilize existing relationships to build groups that can accomplish high end mythic+ and parsing potentials
  • Accomplish moderate Mythic+ Score, focusing on understanding complex mechanics, memorization of dungeons, tricks for bypass, group compositions that succeed, organization of combined mechanics such as pre-planned interrupt rotations and pull planning for alignment of cool downs.
  • Work on advanced plans for meeting raid parse requirements.  No longer hoping for the best, but instead making a plan to make it happen that involves multiple people.
  • Show evidence of multi-spec or multi-char capability
Rank Upgrade Requirements
  • All orange raid parses on character sheet except 2 in Heroic
  • Raider.IO M+ Score: 50%  (See summary table below)
  • Perform one raid log analysis and present evidence for improvement for one raid night
  • Donation of 4.5 weeks worth of raid materials
  • Approval of evidence of multi-spec/char performance by an enforcer rank or higher


Focus on guild goals - raid progression, guild camaraderie, fair and useful policies

Those who have the aptitude for individual performance are provided the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills towards broader goals.  Strategists are the heart and soul of planning for Sauce and are entrusted with developing our strategy, including changing the policies you’re reading now.

Gains Access to:
  • Bank Access:
    • Limitations removed from all except high value tab.
  • Personal passworded channel on teamspeak
  • No longer responsible for mandatory donations to guild bank
  • Moderate Guild Repairs
  • Able to invite to guild
  • Access to officer chat
  • Access to strategist portions of website
  • Can set MOTD
  • Ability to formally suggest changes to guild policy
  • Be aware of the guild pulse - being mindful of member interests and individual goals
  • Suggest policy changes for review
  • Accomplish high Mythic+ Score and helping others to accomplish the same
  • Accomplish high raid parsing and helping others to accomplish the same
Rank Upgrade Requirements
  • No blue on character sheet Parses in Mythic
  • 2 Orange parses on character sheet in Mythic
  • Raider.IO M+ Score: 62.5%  (See summary table below)
  • Two policy changes approved by council


Focus on enforcement of guild policy and accomplishment of guild goals

The generals of our battalion.  These strong minded individuals have dominated all challenges thrown at them.  They have shown that they are able to perform, lead, follow, strategize, cooperate, and organize.  These members are representative of the best Sauce has to offer. At this point they are given administrative access to most our infrastructure and use it to help our members accomplish all individual and guild level goals.

Gains Access to:
  • Bank Access:
    • Unlimited access to high value tab.
  • Added to automatic invite list for mythic raid.  Participation remains the raid leader’s discretion.
  • Highest amount for Guild Repairs
  • Teamspeak admin access
  • Discord admin access
  • Qualified for website admin access
  • Able to invite to guild
  • Able to promote/demote within guild
  • Able to request that raid leader consider an alt player to join a raid (may be a request for another member’s alt or their own)
  • Involvement with strategist to understand and advise strategist
  • Authority to enforces guild policies and uphold the integrity of Sauce
  • Suggests changes to raid composition
  • Resolves issues that occur within the guild with respect for all involved, integrity, and dignity.
  • Reviews and executes promotion requests.  Announces all promotions on slack.
  • Requires majority vote by Council to upgrade rank (ties broken by GM)
  • Accomplish high Mythic+ Score and distribute material to help guild do the same
  • ‘’’Accomplish high raid parsing and distribute material to help guild do the same
Rank Upgrade Requirements
  • All Orange raid parse on character sheets in Mythic except 2
  • Raider.IO M+ Score: 79.2%  (See summary table below)
  • Production of one material that can be used by members of the guild to improve performance.  Can be a weak aura, forum post, spreadsheet, etc.
  • Requires majority vote by Council to upgrade rank (ties broken by GM)


Focus on sustainment of guild culture and adaptation over time

The inner circle of Sauce, achievable by every single member who joins us.  These members have proven undeniably that they intend to make our guild the best that it can possibly be.*  They use the knowledge that they have gained through our ranks to reinforce the culture of our guild. The council approves new members during their first review and vote on all policy changes suggested by strategist.

Gains Access to:
  • Bank Access:
    • Unlimited access to final tab.
  • Voting rights
  • Ability to remove players from guild
  • Involvement with strategist and enforcement
  • Votes on guild policies
  • Votes on new members
  • Votes on new council members
  • Can approve permanent changes to raid composition
  • Sets guild goals
  • Accomplished highest Mythic+ Score requirements
  • Accomplished highest raid parsing requirements

Exceptions and Appeals
Raider.IO and parsing requirements can vary per spec.  We recognize that some specs that we require for raid are not viable for these requirements.  You may appeal to an enforcer for an exception to a requirement with valid justification.  Donation Requirements are generally flasks and feasts, but may be items of equivilent value. Enforcer must approve and TSM market value is the basis for equivilency.

Summary of performance requirements:

Prospect to Member:

  • Mythic+ Score: 37.5% (375 if 1000 is top or 2250  if 6000 is top)

Member to Veteran:

  • Mythic+ Score: 41.6% (416 if 1000 is top or 2500 if 6000 is top)
  • All epic parses on character sheet in Heroic
  • Donation of 4.5 weeks worth of raid material

Veteran to Strategist

  • Mythic+ Score: 50% (500 if 1000 is top or 3000 if 6000 is top)
  • All orange raid parses on character sheet except 2 in Heroic
  • 2 Applicant reference submissions
  • ‘Perform one raid log analysis and present evidence for improvement for one raid night
  • Donation of 4.5 weeks worth of raid materials

Strategist to Enforcer

  • Mythic+ Score: 62.5% (625 if 1000 is top or 3750 if 6000 is top)
  • No blue Parses on character sheet in Mythic
  • 2 Orange parses on character sheet in Mythic
  • 2 Policy changes approved by council

Enforcer to Council:

  • Mythic+ Score: 79.2% (792 if 1000 is top or 4750 if 6000 is top)
  • All Orange raid parse on character sheets in Mythic except 2
  • Majority vote by council
Current raid materials needed for 1 individual will be posted and updated as well.

Example of policy changes:

  • The bank is running low!  From the dates between 2/3/18 and 2/16/18 all members must donate at least 10 flasks and 40 pots per week
  • Removal of the above policy
  • Changing mythic+ score performance requirements
  • Changing donation requirements
  • Changing promotion criteria


Raid Absent Policy:

Members are required to provide notice an hour and a half before raid raid, preferably earlier, so that you can be replaced for the evening.  Announcing absence is done in the #absencenotice channel within Slack.

We allow exceptions to the rule in extreme circumstances, such as family hospitalization, car accident, issues related to work, power outage, etc.

Consequences are as followed for failure to report absent:
* Donation to the guild before being allowed in to the next raid. 14 feast/ 14 flasks
* Possible benching of the next raid night.
* Possible benching and donations
* Eventual guild kick if it becomes consistent.

Alts and Friends

Alts and friendly members are welcome to the guild.  Regular reviews for unused characters and under-involved members will occur at the start of a month at the discretion of enforcement or above ranked players.  Characters that have not been logged in within the past 30 days will be considered for removal. Characters not logged in within 90 days will absolutely be removed.  Members who are under-involved will be sent an in game mail and will be removed if no response occurs within 7 days. Suggestion of removal of an under-involved member will occur at the discretion of enforcement ranked members and approval of council members.

Alt characters join raids only by request to an enforcer who appeals to the raid leader on your behalf.

Raid Invites

All raid invites are at the discretion of the raid leader of that raid.  Invite priority is weighted by your current rank and top ranks will receive the best opportunity to participate in raids.


All raid absences must be announced in our slack channel (#absencenotice).  Failure to announce an absence will result in immediate rank demotion, executable at the end of a raid night.  Unannounced late which arrive before raid end will be considered for demotion at the discretion of an Enforcer assigned to handle the situation by a council member.

Appealing for Rank Promotion

Appealing for rank promotion is at the discretion of the member, and members do not have to request promotion if they prefer to remain at their current rank.

All appeals for rank promotion should be made to a member of the enforcement rank by any contact method the member chooses.  It is the member’s responsibility to ensure the request has been received. The enforcer will review the member’s merit for promotion, receive any assets required, and perform the promotion or provide confirmation of missing requirements.  Enforcers will announce all rank upgrades on slack in the #general channel. Enforcers requesting promotion should contact a council member or the guild master for the same treatment.

Only one promotion request may be considered per week per member.  Members may only have one character at an elevated status, all alt characters will remain as “member”.  Please contact an Enforcer if you’d like to change which character has the elevated rank.

Guild Owned Items

Items owned by the guild bank can be freely used by members from any tabs that members can access at their rank.  Items of high value that are not accessible at lower ranks can be distributed by request to a council member. The guild’s intentions are always to maximize the value to the guild as a whole.  Value of raid performance and accessibility to our players is considered. This is always subjective. Member engagement and performance are evaluated as a part of all decisions. We will do our best to ensure that individuals understand why council members arrived at a decision.

Holding the Council Accountable

It is our intention to create an environment where any member of Sauce can become a member of our highest rank through their own merit and integrity.  Becoming a member of our council means that you directly represent our most core culture and acting in a manner which reduces the integrity of the ranking will lead to consideration for demotion.  Members of the council can be demoted by majority vote of the current council. Requests for consideration for demotion of a member of the council rank can be made privately to the Guild Master or to any member of the council which a member holds trust with.

Gquitting (AKA: Lawl, I was JK BRO)

If for any reason a member finds themselves without our guild tag by their own action, whether it be by intention or accident, will return to the guild at the rank of member and will need to proceed through all ranking requirements again.  Reacceptance of the member will be at the discretion of an Enforcer assigned to the situation by the council. Gquitting from a rank below Veteran will heavily influence the decision to re-initiate the player. Removal of access to guild comms and infrastructure will be immediate and will be restored upon re-initiation.