<Sauce> coming to Horde on Khadgar


Greetings and welcome from <Sauce>, a newly transferred Horde guild on Khadgar.  Don't worry Khadgarians, we're locals.  Our members are Alliance transfers trying our hand at the dark side.  You may have known us as recently as <Gravy>, and you may remember us from our original presence of on the server as <Sauce>.  In either case, we're glad to be among you and hope to experience a whole new perspective and finally meet those of you who have KeK'd us in the past.  We bring with us over a decade of competitive raiding experience that we hope to share it with as many of you as possible.  Whether you end up one of our members or competition for server first, all of it will be exciting for us.  

We are accepting applications for new members in preparation for BfA.  In the past, we've generally kept an intentionally small roster of about 23.  This go around we're looking to expand our roster size by about 15 and we need all the help we can get finding qualified players to make this work.  What does qualified mean you may ask?  It means that the guild is run as a meritocracy intended to compliment the level of effort put in by it's members and that we have documented performance requirements as well as rank specialized requirements that determine when you rank up within the guild.  We believe that this creates an environment of like-minded and similarly experienced players. Every member who has the necessary performance and functional requirements has the opportunity to become a member of our top ranks and there are no appointed officers.  This doesn't mean that there is no leadership structure, it is a matrix organization and you're welcome to inquire more about it by applying to the guild.  Our goal is to become a US top 100 guild and all of our efforts are focused on accomplishing this.

Raid Schedule in BfA: Tues / Wed / Thurs 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST

Until BfA we are also maintaining an off-season raid schedule in order to test applicants and prepare for the expansion.


Noteworthy aspects of the guild :

  • All members are expected to contribute to the success of the guild in a meaningful way, this is guided by our guild policies.

  • Players are held to high standards and promotions within guild are merit based and require performance reviews based on our posted requirements.

  • We are excited about players that are able to review logs, create weak auras, write mods, or any additional technical skills that may be helpful to the progression of our guild.  We also provide written instruction and opportunities to apply these skills through our rank process. 

  • We make efficient use of our raid time and do not do ready checks.  Players are expected to be ready every pull.  Breaks are scheduled.

  • We all share in same expectations.  New members are required to donate materials while at lower ranks, but donations add to your merit points and ranking up removes donation requirements.

  • Players reaching mid-level ranks have the ability to formally suggest guild policy changes.  This allows players to participate in improvement of the guild at a fundamental level in making changes that they believe would improve the guild.  Think the performance requirement is too low?  Submit a change!

  • You are not required to climb the ladder.  Happy as a raider?  Stay that rank.