Sauce moves to Mal'Ganis!


Server Move

Sauce has made the decision to transfer to a thriving server in an effort to bolster our player base.  While this decision was difficult to leave our initial home, we believe this will ultimately benefit our guild and allow us to re-obtain our goal of CE!  Stay tuned as we wrap up 8.2 and move into 8.3!

A Call to action for mats


With the raid tier approaching us next week we are looking to enter into Uldir and begin our quest to be a top 150 US guild. In order to do that we, as a guild and raid team, need to be more than prepared for the challenges that await us. Part of being prepared is having the proper flasks, pots and food needed to achieve our goals. We need all of our raiders stepping up this week with farming of Herbs and Fish and making deposits into the guild bank. Please let Agro know what you deposited - either via in game mail or the website

Lets get Sauced

We are full blown open on recruitment and hoping to bring some life back to Khadgar


We know that some people out there don't want to see us succeed.  Sauce BanterOur aim is to bring talent back to Khadgar.  We're also looking for all the help we can get.  So if you're an old player, new transfer, or perhaps a new player from another game who want to see what a more original themed Warcraft has to offer then please consider applying

<Sauce> coming to Horde on Khadgar


Greetings and welcome from <Sauce>, a newly transferred Horde guild on Khadgar.  Don't worry Khadgarians, we're locals.  Our members are Alliance transfers trying our hand at the dark side.  You may have known us as recently as <Gravy>, and you may remember us from our original presence of on the server as <Sauce>.  In either case, we're glad to be among you and hope to experience a whole new perspective and finally meet those of you who have KeK'd us in the past.  We bring with us over a decade of competitive raiding experience that we hope to share it with as m